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Benefits of routine massages can include improve circulation, flexibility and insomnia related to stress! Massage also provides relief from headaches, anxiety, digestive problems, and aids in pain management due to chronic medical conditions!


Swedish,Prenatal & Firm

30 minute ​


60 minute 


90 minute 


120 minute 


Rebook Discounts Available

Reiki Sessions (Universal Wellness)

Reiki cleans and opens the chakras so they are able to work at their full potential.This can include clearing the aura of blocks, balancing the chakras, and working on other areas of the physical self that are in need!

Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch with the practitioner's hands placed and held on a series of locations on the head, front and back of the torso, limbs and feet. You will be fully clothed unless you are receiving a massage first along with this service!

30min~$50   60min~ $80   90min~$110

Massage & Universal Wellness Packages

60min Massage & 30min Universal Wellness $125

90min Massage & 30min Universal Wellness $165

60min Massage & 60min Universal Wellness $155

Add Ons 

Cupping Therapy


Foot Scrub & Masque


Aromatherapy (DoTerra)


Mud Treatment on Back


Sugar Scrub on Back


 Full Body Hot Stones


Massages Packages

Pamper Me

*60 min Massage   *Aromatherapy

*Heated Stones to one problem area

*90 Min Massage $130


Just Spoil Me

*90 min Massage     *Aromatherapy

*Sugar Scrub or Mud Treatment to Back

*Heated Stones to one problem area


A New You: 2 hrs - Body Polish and Massage

*120 min Session   *Full Body Massage  *Full Body Sugar Scrub  *Heated Stones to one problem area



*120 min Massage   *Cupping Therapy  

*Heated Stones  *Aromatherapy


Online Booking

1.Click "Book Now" 

2. Then choose the service you'd like!

3. Scroll down the list to

"Terri Moss LMT"

Gift Cards 

Purchase Gift Cards online & they will be emailed to you immediately!



Sunday  11am-6pm

Monday  Closed

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Thursday 11am-6pm

Friday      11am-6pm

Saturday  11am-6pm

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